Information about Rent My Boat Berth

How it works

How it works

Finding, Booking and Confirming your Berth or Mooring

Step 1 - Boater reserves a Berth or Mooring

Step 2 - Host confirms reservations

Step 3 - Boater is charged by Rent My Boat Berth

Step 4 - Boater receives approval to use the Berth or Mooring

Step 5 - Boater uses the Berth or Mooring

Step 6 - Payment is made to the owner

Common Questions:
Q: Is there an annual or monthly fee to use this service?
A: No. A simple service fee is calculated into your rental rate upon booking.

Q: Can I cancel a booking?
A: We allow owners to choose from a set of Cancellation policies - they can choose to refund either 0%, 25%, 50% or 100% based on if the cancellation is made within 1 week or 2+ weeks. Check the listing details to see the cancellation policy.

Q: Do I need to know the size of my boat or can I make a request with only the make and model?
A: We strongly encourage you to accurately know your boat dimensions as it is imperative that your boat fits in the berth.

Q: Can this site be used for long term rental of a berth or mooring?
A: The intended use of this website is for transient boaters. There are no limitations on duration built into the website for length of stay.